An image of a book cover: My Bumblebee and Me.

Written by Sue James
Illustrated by Kathleen A. Renninger

My Bumblebee and Me is a delightful story about a young girl who is convinced a bumblebee is trying to be her friend. Children will delight in this brilliantly colored and beautifully illustrated book, as they experience this fun fantasy-adventure. Liz believes the bumblebee is following her and her companion, Terry, throughout their day; warning them of danger and pointing out beauty in the world. But Terry is not so sure. Fun facts and information about bumblebees are featured after the story and can empower children with the skills and desire needed to assist this important insect's survival in our modern world. A must-read for nature lovers of all ages and an important tool for teachers wishing to strike interest in nature with their students. My Bumblebee and Me is a marvelous addition to your library.

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