Kiddos and Horses, a win, win!

It’s been years since I was in a horse barn; probably twenty years. I was taking a young child with moderate to sever Autism to equine therapy classes. I was trying everything I could that was non-traditional because the traditional … Read More

The Rescue of Princess Topaz

ALMOST THERE! “Your book is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever seen. The illustrations are just wonderful! Dreamlike and contemplative. The font style  you’ve chosen, especially for the chapter titles complements the theme and story line. “ This … Read More

Kids and quilts? Opinions wanted.

Last week, I had the unique opportunity to visit with a lovely, older lady who had quilts for sale. We spent hours talking in her farmhouse near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She reminded me of Mother; strong, independent yet so kind and … Read More

The Princess wearing her crown.

With the release of her upcoming book, The Rescue of Princess Topaz, the Princess needs to practice wearing her new crown. Many events are being scheduled that require her attendance including a local event at The Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free … Read More

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