An online Zoom event

The Angel Opens Her Eyes: Discussion about possible interventions that may help children and adults living on the Autism Spectrum June 9th, 2:00-2:30

What if…

In the midst of COVID19, let’s take a moment to reflect. What if, we learn to slow down and enjoy our time more? What if, different ways to get what we need are defined? What if, we find other ways … Read More

Riders Bring a Message

 I’ve been a child care provider for over twenty years helping to raise many different types of children.  I began a child care career to help my daughter who needed assistance with social and emotional skills.  But, I stayed in … Read More

Ammon; The Hidden One, Secrets.

There are many meanings for the word Ammon, but until yesterday, I had never heard it used as a name. The students at Glory Sterling’s creative writing class told me about it as we worked on their book project. It’s … Read More

What’s My Playlist Today?

Hanging around teens is really fun and I always learn something. That generation is more plugged -in, turned-on and tech-savvy than any generation before. And like all previous generations, they have a remarkable way of cutting new roads for others … Read More

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