El Cuento de Hermana Sol y Hermana Luna

This is my second, bilingual book and yet, my Spanish is not very strong. I simply haven’t had time to get better at it! But, my passion for the Latino people and their plight remains strong. That’s why I published my second bilingual book, containing both Spanish and English, El Cuento de Hermana Sol y Hermana Luna.

It began when I discovered the challenges our Latino children face as they enter public school without any English speaking skills. Imagine, spending your entire day understanding very little of the language spoken around you. It must be devastating. Equivalent to spending the day at the nail salon when all the ladies are speaking a foreign language. Think about a small child experiencing that every day!

The education system refers to these kiddos as ELL, English Language Learners, and there are a lot of them. Remember, these kids are here because their parents WANT them to be educated. It’s got to be a hard decision for some. In our particular school system, through no fault of our own, we are understaffed to help these kids. So, the teachers and those available speaking English and Spanish, work very hard, at a job that is already extremely difficult, to help these Latino children.

So, to honor them, to tend to them a bit, and to state my stance on the endless, unconditional love of children, I found translators to get a few of my books bilingual.

Soon, I hope to get my Spanish speaking skills to a respectable level. I hear there are many apps on the cell phone that help. And, I also hope to find a way to gift this book to each Latino child in my school system. If you any ideas on how to do this, I would appreciate your help with fundraising ideas.

As mother used to say, “Let’s see what happens next!”