Ammon; The Hidden One, Secrets.

There are many meanings for the word Ammon, but until yesterday, I had never heard it used as a name. The students at Glory Sterling’s creative writing class told me about it as we worked on their book project. It’s so fun and exciting to be involved with these young minds at the Greencastle High School.
You many remember, they were reluctant to take on publishing a book when I first met them in January. But now, they are in full-blown writing mode interested, excited and communicating as a team. Yesterday, this class of twelve, bright students shared the beginning chapters of their project. I was impressed a the wonderful and creative characters  they have developed. And, the stories written for each of those characters are riveting. As I read their work, I could see the individual teenagers they created  in my mind complete with their own talents, defined lifestyles and yes, life’s challenges. Sometimes, I wanted to “save” the character becoming so emotionally involved as I read. The sign of great writing!
I will not disclose the details of their story right now. I know being a writer myself, the story needs to unfold when the writer thinks it is ready. But, I will tell you they decided to name the town as Ammon.
“Why did you name the place for your story Ammon?” I asked.
They told me Ammon means secrets. And truly, this book that is being created by young, focused high school students is going to be a good one filled with secrets and a surprising ending.
Stay tuned!