There is Value in Stepping Stones.

Sometimes, we forget that big dreams don’t happen instantly. It takes time to find our way to that perfect job , career, house, car or partner. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t value in the stepping stones that eventually take us to our final desired destination. There is great value in them because they teach us what we do want, and what we don’t want. So as we travel and learn, we have to remember not to feel ashamed, grouchy or impatient about the journey. ” Oh, this car isn’t what I want or my golly this job will never satisfy me.” It takes time to find our way because people and situations don’t change quickly. We personally don’t change quickly either. We need time to learn and things need time to come into fruition. Plus, everything we desire is because we believe in the having of it it will make us happy. So, why not be happy now? Happy in the obtaining of it and in the journey towards it. Happy with the stepping stones along the way. And really, what’s the hurry? If we live life hurried and hassled is there real value in our days? Not really.

My desk is pretty full and we have a lot happening personally in our life right now. I found my being ‘snippy’ and demanding to those I love the most. But then, I read a note from Jen Sincero‘s daily calendar, and realized I was falling back on old habits of fussing around and forgetting about happiness; forgetting to find the quality in the day and forgetting it’s just stepping stones to get me there. I hope this helps you like it did me today.