TGIF: The Good, the Bad and the Wow Wee!

Talk about your TGIF! I was so glad to have this past Friday end. It’s was a mixed bag of emotions due to the good, the bad and then, a wow wee experience.

My hubby and I have our house for sale and Friday morning we finalized the details for selling it. The details ironed out and closing date is set for March. Yeah, we are on our way to our forever house after six months of being on the real estate market. Keeping the house we live in spotlessly clean and having folks in and out all the time is pretty nerve racking. Finally, some normal life for our family again. This, is the good part of Friday.

After some morning chores and checking emails, I jumped in the van to meet my good friend for lunch. I am super joyful to share the news about selling the house, so my radio is blasting and I’m probably speeding on my way to Hagerstown. About half way there, my cell phone rights. Huh, it’s my hubby. I pull over to answer the call. Here comes the bad.

“Hey, look, I’m fine so don’t worry, ” he said.( Now, I am worried.) ” A lady ran into my truck and it’s in pretty bad shape but I’m okay.”

“Oh my golly! What happened? I’m on my way,” I said then quickly called my friend and cancel lunch telling her about the wreck. Now, I AM speeding on my way back to Waynesboro to make sure he really is okay. I know he said he was, but until I see him being ‘okay,’ I’m not okay. Arriving on the scene, I run up and hug him then give him the once over looking for marks, tears or injury. And that truck, oh, it’s a mess. My goodness I can’t believe no one got hurt! He’s annoyed at my fussing and begins to assure me, the local police and the lady who ran the light, that all is well. “A really nice way to handle this,” I thought. But, we might need a new truck. Ugh! What a day.

My mind is reeling and I need to think. I tell him I’ll wait in the van for him knowing he is fine. It’s cold outside and I am glad to be out of the weather while trying to regroup from this whirlwind of a day. I watch as the police interview him. There are two city police cars there with their lights flashing. Then, a tow truck arrives to get the disabled vehicle out of the road. It’s quite an ordeal. Man, these folks were lucky to all be walking away from all this. Then, my cell phone rings. Here comes the wow wee.

“Hi, is this Sue James?”


“This is Trish Cosy from the Franklin County Free Press. I understand you are working on a new book, and Reins of Rhythm will benefit from part of it’s proceeds. Do you have time for an interview now?”

I catch my breath, look out again at the automobile accident scene, see my husband is safe and think about the opportunity to have my book, The Angel Opens Her Eyes, get some press, and to help our charity partner, Reins of Rhythm be recognized for all the hard work they do with the children of our community. “Get it together, Sue,” I thought.

“Absolutely yes,” I answered.

Trish was so kind on the phone and very interested in my book and career as an author. I did not involve her in the stress of my day. The interview went well and I sat in the van the entire time talking to her on the phone; calmly. That was a first for me but today is an unusual day.

After getting myself and hubby home, I emailed Trish Cosy more information and some pictures so she could do the article. “What a day! TGIF! This day had it all: the good, the bad and the wow wee! “