The kiddos still make my day!

Today was a roller coaster ride of a day. There was this real low part, and then, many highs. The low part was a reminder of how very sad my life was a long time ago. A time when there seemed little hope for happiness, health and family. I’ve never forgotten those times but the memory of that past experience took me to my knees. I was simply caught off guard. I don’t cry very often but today, I was out of control with grief for a period of time. So, I took some council from friends and tried to remember what my mom would say in a situation like this, “Don’t be upset because you use to be upset. It’s over and you need get it together now. Be grateful it’s over and move on.”

I finally got the day turned around and it became one really cool thing after another. I had wonderful news about a project that helps young children I am working on, received a text from one of my previous daycare kiddos and even had my coffee paid for by the lady ahead of me at the restaurants drive thru window. COOL! Then, I stopped to get ink for the printer, and had a conversation with an white bearded man who could easily pass for the real big guy himself, Santa. He was the greeter at the store entrance and was reading a local newspaper. That seemed a bit strange to me and I thought he might be taking some liberties at work. As I walked by he said, “I’m reading the newspaper for the children.”

“Oh, I see,” I replied in a kinda snarky tone.

” Yes, you see, they think I AM Santa so I have to learn about these new toys. When the children ask me to deliver a certain toy to their house on Christmas Eve, if I don’t know what the toy is, they can tell I don’t know every time! And then, the kiddo gets upset because Santa doesn’t know about his favorite toy. Can you imagine how that must feel to them? So, this year, I am studying this toy store’s adds so I know about all the new toys out this year. I don’t want to disappoint the children because you know, the kiddos still make my day!”

Wow, how kind of this sweet old fellow to make sure he knows about all the newest toys. I thought about it all the way home. When I arrived, I checked my emails one more time before calling it a day. An acquaintance of mine emailed to tell me they checked out The Little Big Car at the Alexander Hamilton Memorial Free Library here in Waynesboro, Pa. When I read her message, I was in tears again. Crying two times in one day? Oh my goodness, ” I thought. Here is her email with her son’s name removed.

Today my son and I checked out “The Little Big Car” from the library. I’m pretty sure I’ve read it 10 times already per his request. He enjoys it, especially the “yellow boots”
Happy Friday!

Then I thought, “With all that has happened today, it’s the kiddos that get me through. You know, the kiddos still make my day!”

Check out the yellow boots! So glad he likes them.