The Rescue of Princess Topaz


“Your book is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever seen. The illustrations are just wonderful! Dreamlike and contemplative. The font style  you’ve chosen, especially for the chapter titles complements the theme and story line. “

This quote is from the editor of The Rescue of Princess Topaz, Jane Roderick. I am sharing it because Jane has worked for many years on my books, she’s a retired English teacher, she’s tough and she’s my sister. To have her say this about my sixth book is such a complement. Writing and creating books, just like any work, requires self-reflection and the ability to take suggestions constructively. It’s hard sometimes but I am learning. Also, I may not have time to share this when the book’s release in a few weeks, but Ellen Green did wonderful work on the illustrations. Also, her choice of font style and other details have helped to make this book beautiful. I am forever grateful for Ellen.

It’s taking a while to get this book ‘purrfect,’ but it will be worth it when The Rescue of Princess Topaz is finally released. Then, you can give us feedback letting us know if you think this book ” is one of the most beautiful books you’ve ever seen. “

Princess Topaz