Big idea for The Angel Opens Her Eyes

My husband and I were camping at a state park to rest and relax for the weekend. I try not to think about my upcoming Podcast, yes I am learning to do a Podcast, and book The Angel Opens Her Eyes but that really doesn’t work even at camp. I think about it all the time. We decided to drive around a local reservoir that has a lovely lake and mountain view. As we traveled the gravel road we passed few cars and enjoyed the thick forest, small streams and the cool breeze of the lake. Our hope was to see some deer or perhaps, a hawk. This area is not well known so it is extremely quiet and peaceful. .

Suddenly, we see a magnificent site! A large group on horseback called, The South Mountain riding club, is descending from the mountain. It looked like something out of a movie! Terry and I were thrilled with their unexpected presence. We immediately stopped the car watching them approach us. Perhaps, twenty riders in all. Amazing! With their permission, I snapped a few photos asking them about their group. The teams leader explained they were on a charity ride for ‘Reins of Rhythm’ a group that assists special needs kiddos, some with autism. I felt so moved and then I realized, with all my efforts to forget my work, it’s right in front of me with this group. Of course! Therapy for children with Autism. This has to be included in my book and Podcast and I felt so blessed to meet this group. They were such a spectacular surprise, with such a noble mission that I almost cried when talking with them.

The South Mountain Riding Club ascending towards us.
Charity ride: Reins of Rhythm-help kiddos with Autism