Kids and quilts? Opinions wanted.

Last week, I had the unique opportunity to visit with a lovely, older lady who had quilts for sale. We spent hours talking in her farmhouse near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She reminded me of Mother; strong, independent yet so kind and grateful for her family, her life and for each day. I appreciated our time and felt connected and safe at her home even though we had just met. She showed me a pile of quilts making sure we unfolded each one to examine the condition. This lady would want me to know exactly what I was purchasing so we could agreed on the fairness of the transaction. Just like Mother.

When we took the quilts to my car, I didn’t want to leave and I could tell she felt the same. For a while we stood enjoying the glory of the day and she told me about using the quilts many years ago with her grandson. He is an adopted child whose nationality he wears everyday. Different from the family but loved so dearly. She utilized the quilts to demonstrate to this young child, unconditional love, the ridiculousness of prejudiced, the benefits to imperfection and the joy of work in our lives. I felt my Mother was speaking directly to me in the open acreage of that place. Perhaps Mother’s spirit was right there with us? Of all the things we shared that day, this story was the most precious to her and to me; kids and quilts I thought. I was so moved that on the way back to Waynesboro, I pulled off the road many times to cry, then made notes of our conversations that day. Treasure!

But, I wonder if today’s modern fast-paced child would enjoy a story like this? About an old farm, old quilts and old values. So, I decided to ask the questions today. Do you think kids would like to know the origins of quilting and what it means to be like this lady; loving, grateful, imperfect and kind?

Well worn and well loved. The quilts from they lady at the farm near Gettysburg.