Author visit to Greencastle High School! Teens are so cool.

You talk about fun! Ms. Glory Sterling invited me to her classroom this week. Imagine a room filled with teenagers, about 16 of them, all looking toward you. My job? To engage them in an interesting conversation about literacy, the writing process, becoming an author or whatever they wish to discuss.

After a very brief introduction, I was off and running. But what do THEY want to know? Because my normal audience consists of young children and perhaps, parents, I wasn’t sure. So, I simply ask them. “What do YOU want to talk about?” Eureka, it worked! One of the girls asks about how I got started writing books and off we go. I did notice Ms. Sterling had some notes on her board so I was sure to incorporate them into our discussion. Our conversation was very natural as what the teacher was trying to highlight was needed in the writing process, or any process for that matter. Now and then, I would look over to Ms. Sterling to make sure our discussion was covering the content she was looking for. She was pleased!

So, the picture you are seeing is my first High School visit and I am thrilled with the results. And, I welcome any other visits with these lovely, young teens. But more importantly, Ms. Sterling and the students had a great morning filled with fun and learning for all! NICE.