Book Review by Kiddos!

The ‘acid test’ for a children’s book author, is if the children love your books. As adults, we may think our work is clever, educational or inspiring but, if the children aren’t interested, it not a good body of work.

I was experiencing a situation concerning our finances, that I didn’t understand. I just couldn’t see why it wouldn’t work the way I THOUGH it should. A local businesswoman was helping me and she was exceptionally patient. We had many back and forth phone calls to try and resolve the issue. I was quite impressed with her service. I knew she had a daughter that might like my book, so I gifted The Story of Sister Sun and Sister Moon to her as a thank you.  When she emailed telling me her daughter and son loved the book, I was thrilled. My gift to their family became a gift for me. NICE!

Here is the review directly copied and pasted to this blog. I especially like the ‘keeping them engaged’ part of the email and the fact they ‘talked over things’ because of my book.  I feel so blessed.

“We did get your book and my daughter (and son) loved it very much! It is fantastically written and the illustrations are amazing! It gave us something to discuss over dinner. I love it when the kids and I talk over things – keeping them engaged that way is awesome for me.”
Jeana K