School Visit!

What a great time at Southern Fulton Elementary School in Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania! Two days visiting over 420 children, one classroom at a time. Each day I could see the dedication the teachers and staff have to the children. How lucky these families are to have such an amazing school.

When visiting the classrooms, I strived to adjust my 30-minute presentation for the age of the children. I also ask what part of the lesson plan the teacher wanted to reinforce; paragraphs, punctuation or in the older classrooms, the importance of presenting yourself well regardless of the WAY we communicate. In this fast paced world, we forget WHO we are communicating with. So be it text, email or using pen and paper, I would remind older students to reflect on their words to others. Kindergarten to 6th grade, I was so proud to tell my story about becoming an author, listen and learn about the interest of these wonderful students, and find creative ways to ignite excited about literacy. Great fun and great learning for all.